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Gboko And Ikyuen Hills (Gboko Area)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 9.03, Latitude: 7.33

Gboko Hill, situated about 2 km northwest of Gboko, and Ikyuen Hill, lying some 15 km to the east of that town, are rhyolite domes that intrude Precambrian basement rocks (Umeji and Caen-Vachette, 1983). According to Baudin et al. (1988) the rhyolites contain riebeckite, but no other information has been located.

A Rb-Sr isochron on three samples gave 113(3 Ma (Umeji and Caen-Vachette, 1983).
BAUDIN, P., POPOFF, M. and COULON, C. 1988. Mesozoic magmatism of the southern part of the Benue Trough (Nigeria). Mesozoic to present-day magmatism of the African Plate and its structural setting. PICG-IGCP 227 Workshop, Giens, France. International Center for Training and Exchanges in the Geosciences, Abstracts, 34-6.UMEJI, A.C. and CAEN-VACHETTE, M. 1983. Rb-Sr isochron from Gboko and Ikyuen rhyolites and its implications for the age and evolution of the Benue Trough, Nigeria. Geological Magazine, 120: 529-33.
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