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Berkuty South


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 76.22, Latitude: 50.32

Berkuty South is situated in the Chingiz-Tarbagotay and covers approximately 11 km2. It is a symmetrical body composed of coarse- and medium-grained porphyritic arfvedsonite and riebeckite granites. The accessory minerals are zircon, malacon (a variety of zircon), orthite, monazite, thorite and fluorite. The country rocks are hornblende and muscovite schists and quartzites.

Early Permian from geological data (Sevryugin and Semenova, 1960).
SEVRYUGIN, N.A. and SEMENOVA, T.P. 1960. The determination of the age of the eruptive rocks of the Degelen-Chingiz region by the Ar method. Trudy Kazakhstan IMS, 3: 91-9.ZIRYANOV, V.N. 1969. Petrology of the metasomatically altered granitoids and alkaline rocks of the Chingizsky zone. Nauka, Moscow. 160 pp.
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