Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

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Most of the occurrences of alkaline rocks in Niger are concentrated in the Air Massif (Fig. 212) a full summary of the geology of which, including the alkaline rocks, is given by Black et al. (1967). The ring-complexes are listed by Moreau (1987) and Husch and Moreau (1982) describe the anorthositic rocks in a number of complexes. Ages of seven complexes are given by Karche and Vachette (1978) and a fuller compilation of age data, including ages for 13 ring complexes, is tabulated in Moreau et al. (1994) who also present a tectonic model for the spatial distribution of the alkaline complexes. A bibliography of the geology of Niger has been compiled by Kinnaird (1982).



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