Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

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There are four major provinces of alkaline rocks and carbonatites in Namibia three of which comprise linear distributions of occurrences defining northeast-southwest-trending lines. The Damaraland Province is the most northerly while the Luderitz and Kuboos-Bremen provinces are in the south, the latter extending into South Africa. Marsh (1973) correlated these linear distributions with transform faults in the South Atlantic and concentrations of similar rocks in South America, a theme that is also discussed by Prins (1981). Reviews of the Damaraland Province will be found in Martin et al. (1960) and Prins (1981) and of geochemistry in Prins (1978). Age determinations on Damaraland Province complexes are listed by Marsh (1973) and Prins (1981). Descriptions of the principal Luderitz Province occurrences will be found in Marsh (1975a, 1975b and 1976) and an outline of the Kuboos-Bremen province will be found in Smithies and Marsh (1996). Pirajno (1994) has reviewed the mineral resources of each of the provinces. Very full accounts of the carbonatites of Namibia will be found in reviews by Verwoerd (1966, 1967 and 1993).



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