Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

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The Iforas (Adrar des Iforas) forms a southwestern promontory of the central saharan Hoggar shield (Black et al., 1979) and consists of metamorphosed Upper Proterozoic sediments and older basement rocks. Most of the alkaline rocks of Mali are located within this area (Fig. 167) and have been reviewed by Ba et al. (1985). Descriptions of rock types are given in the text accompanying the 1:500,000 map of the Adrar des Iforas (Fabre, 1982; Fabre et al., 1982). An outline of the general geology of the area including brief descriptions of some of the principal alkaline intrusions will be found in Black et al. (1979), and Liegeois et al. (1996) give a short account of the alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the Tadhak province of northwestern Iforas. Liégeois and Black (1984) review the geochronology of the igneous rocks of the Iforas and the same authors have also published a broader review (Liégeois and Black, 1987).



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