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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 12.12, Latitude: 10.78

In the Burushika district, which is part of the extensive volcanic field extending around Biu in the Benue Trough, the succession comprises basalts overlain by rhyolitic flows that are spatially associated with a subvolcanic granophyre dome. The rhyolite and granophyre are reported by Coulon et al. (1996) to be peralkaline, but no petrographic or mineralogical data are given.

COULON, C., VIDAL, P., DUPUY, C., BAUDIN, P., POPOFF, M., MALUSKI, H. and HERMITTE, D. 1996. The Mesozoic to early Cenozoic magmatism of the Benue Trough (Nigeria); geochemical evidence for the involvement of the St Helena Plume. Journal of Petrology, 37: 1341-58.
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