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Dago (Dogo Dutse)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 10.18, Latitude: 11.17

This approximately circular 60 km2 peralkaline granite intrusion has a discontinuous, peripheral ring-dyke which post-dates sparsely preserved volcanic rocks (Ike and Sakoma, 1985). The volcanics, which are preserved only in the south close to the ring-dyke, are predominantly crystal-rich ignimbrites with 40-50% alkali feldspar and quartz phenocrysts, lithic fragments and fiamme with evidence of strong welding. The ring-dyke is preserved on the eastern and southwestern margins of the intrusion, elsewhere apparently having been obliterated by later granite. It is a quartz porphyry with a similar abundance of phenocrysts to the volcanic rocks, but with addition of arfvedsonite and aegirine. The granite consists of perthite, quartz, arfvedsonite and aegirine.

A sample of aegirine-arfvedsonite-aenigmatite granite and heavy and light fractions from it gave a Rb-Sr age of 213(7 Ma (Rahaman et al., 1984).
IKE, E.C. and SAKOMA, E.M. 1985. Field geology of the Dago ring complex, Nigeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 3: 97-100.RAHAMAN, M.A., VAN BREEMEN, O., BOWDEN, P. and BENNETT, J.N. 1984. Age migrations of anorogenic ring complexes in northern Nigeria. Journal of Geology, 92: 173-84.
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