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Taghouaji (Tarouadji)


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Longitude: 8.5, Latitude: 17.2

The approximately circular, 16x20 km Taghouaji complex is composed essentially of granites with biotite granites covering 28% and rings of sodic amphibole and aegirine granites extending over 72% of the area. Fabries and Rocci (1965) distinguish the following mineral associations: quartz-microcline-albite-aegirine-hastingsite; quartz-perthite-aegirine-hastingsite-arfvedsonite-aenigmatite; quartz-perthite-hastingsite; quartz-perthite-riebeckite-biotite; quartz-perthite-biotite; quartz-albite-microcline-biotite and quartz-biotite, the last in greisens. They give full accounts of these minerals, including much chemical data and, using these data, discuss the petrogenesis of the rocks. Extensive suites of accessory minerals have been identified (Perez and Rocci, 1985) including, in the peralkaline granites, monazite, bastnasite-synchysite, chevkinite, wiikite, Nb-rich titanite, RE silicates, pyrochlore, fergusonite, niobo-titanates, xenotime, fluorite and fluocerite; in the biotite granites typical accessories include fluorite, columbite, thorite, topaz, zircon and anatase. Perez and Rocci (1985) consider crystallization of the Taghouadji complex in terms of these minerals and fluid interactions. Perez et al. (1990) describe Be and Zn mineralization in veins and breccias in biotite granites and identified genthelvite, beryl, bertrandite, willemite, Zn-berthierine and sphalerite.

A whole-rock Rb-Sr isochron gave 401(5 Ma (Karche and Vachette, 1978).
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