Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 15.25, Latitude: -20.77

At Kwaggaspan two small plugs of carbonatite are associated with two plugs of fine-grained rocks of iron oxides and silica and one of quartz-hematite-muscovite rock (Miller, 1980). The plugs are aligned along a breccia zone in schist which is intruded by veinlets of sovite. The larger carbonatite plug is 150 m across and consists of sovite with abundant disseminated hematite. In the centre of the plug there are xenoliths several metres across of banded ironstone, dolomite and schist with a 10 m diameter body of high-grade hematite near the northwestern edge. Probable fenitization is limited to the development of green pyriboles in schist of the western margin.

MILLER, R.M. 1980. Geology of a portion of central Damaraland, South West Africa/Namibia. Memoir, Geological Survey of South West Africa/Namibia, 6: 1-78.
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