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Zebra Mountains Dykes


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 13.77, Latitude: -17.32

A wide zone of north-northwest-trending alkaline dykes traverses the Zebra Mountains northwest of Swartbooisdrif (No. 116-00-003). One dyke has a length of 35 km. They consist of syenite with calcite, biotite and what Menge (1986) refers to as "biotite-albite fenite" or carbonatite. These dykes are probably related to the Lupongola complex a short distance to the north in Angola (Angola No. 005-00-035).

MENGE, G.F.W. 1986. Sodalite carbonatite deposits of Swartbooisdrif, South West Africa/Namibia. In C.R. Anhaeusser and S. Maske (eds), Mineral deposits of southern Africa, 1: 2261-8. Geological Society of South Africa, Johannesburg.
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