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Chandava (Inchandava)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 34.13, Latitude: -16.2

Mount Chandava is a small hill 1.2 km long a geological map of which is given by Dias (1961) but with no geological or petrographic descriptions. The hill is covered dominantly by recent deposits but syenite, trachyte, carbonatitic agglomerate, feldspathic breccia and a mass of gabbro-diorite occur. There are a number of northwest-trending dolerite dykes. A carbonatite dyke traverses the hill and extends beyond it to the west and east.

DIAS, B. 1961. Geologia do Monte Muambe. Boletim, Serviços de Geologia e Minas, Provincia de Moçambique, 27: 37-64.
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