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Mauze (Mauzo)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 35.82, Latitude: -15.7

Mauze forms an east-west trending, steep-sided hill about 8 km in length approximately half of which lies in Malawi (Malawi No. 103-00-035). It is composed predominantly of nepheline syenite which is emplaced in Precambrian gneisses that are fenitized; there are abundant dykes of phonolite and microgranite in the vicinity. No descriptions of the syenites have been found, but it is probable that they are closely similar to those at the western end of the intrusion in Malawi.

The area has been shown to be a potential, but small, source of bauxite. Analyses of source rock and bauxite samples are given by Cilek (1989).
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