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Longitude: -5.08, Latitude: 32.7

A prominant hill extending over 4x2 km on the south bank of the Oued Moulouya comprises a series of lava flows that overlie Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary rocks and basalts and Pliocene conglomerates (Jérémine, 1955). The lava, which is referred to as ankaratrite by Jérémine (1955), consists of phenocrysts of augite and olivine and large and small crystals of blue hauyne which have borders of dark inclusions set in a matrix richly endowed with microlites of pyroxene, magnetite and ilmenite; there is a little biotite, brown glass, and an opaque phase that may be analcime. A whole rock chemical analysis is given by Jérémine (1955).

Probably Recent.
JÉRÉMINE , E. 1955. L'ankaratrite a haüyne du Jebel Tourguejid (Haut Atlas de Midelt). Quelques considérations sur les ankaratrites du Maroc et sur les ankaratrites en général. Notes et Mémoires. Service Géologique Maroc, 125: 59-75.
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