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Occurrence number: 
Chilwa Province
Longitude: 35.13, Latitude: -15.17

This locality is described by Garson (1965b) as being “4 miles east of Utale Mission”. I have coined the name ‘Utale’ for this occurrence. It comprises carbonatite veins cutting Precambrian marble. A hand specimen comprises a 7 cm wide vein of dark brown carbonatite with manganiferous patches. A section shows small chips of turbid albite and orthoclase in a matrix of goethite, opaque oxides, clear carbonate, probable calcite and ankerite, and a little fine-grained quartz. Accessories are apatite, sparse monazite, zircon and tiny grains of anatase or brookite. This rock is similar to quartz-carbonate dykes at Kapiri Hill (No. 103-00-022).

GARSON, M.S. 1965d. The geology of the area west of Lake Malombe, Fort Johnston District. Records, Geological Survey of Malawi, 3: 35-48.
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