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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 36.17, Latitude: 1.53

Products of the Kanatim volcano overlie unconformably those of the Nasaken volcano (No. 085-00-017) to the west but are themselves buried to the north, east and south by material from the Oliyamur (No. 085-00-021) and Kapatagni (No. 085-00-018) volcanoes, so that the full extent is not known. Kanatim consists of trachytic pumice tuffs, welded tuffs and trachyte lavas; numerous trachyte dykes cut the tuffs in the summit area. Phenocrysts include sanidine, anorthoclase, albite, aegirine and aegirine-augite and katophorite; arfvedsonite and aenigmatite have been noted in the lavas.

K-Ar on a basal welded tuff gave 4.8(0.2 Ma and on an upper trachyte lava 3.8(0.2 Ma (Key, 1987b).
KEY, R.M. 1987b. Geology of the Maralal area. Report, Geological Survey of Kenya, 105: 1-93.
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