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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 70.58, Latitude: 42.35

The Kaindy complex is situated in the Talassky Alatau and has a rather irregular configuration. It appears to be a pipe-like stock with a zonal structure the central part of which is composed of alkaline pyroxenites which contain pseudoleucite. There are younger intrusions of monzonite, melanocratic syenite and pseudoleucite syenite, while there are also further pipe-like intrusions of pyroxenites which are characterised by their small size (50-150 m diameter) and steep, inward-dipping margins (75-90°). The igneous activity was brought to a close with the emplacement of pegmatites and stocks of nepheline syenite.

Geological evidence points to a mid-Carboniferous to early Permian age (Nurlibayev, 1976).
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