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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 59.83, Latitude: 49.47

The Karasyrskii intrusion is situated on the eastern side of the Mugod'arsky anticlinorium amongst Precambrian gneisses. It is a stock-shaped body lying in an area of amphibole, amphibole-biotite and biotite syenites which are accompanied by dykes of nepheline and liebenerite syenites, syenite porphyry and pegmatites and quartz syenites. Sodium metasomatism has occurred and results typically in the complete alteration of K-feldspar to white albitites. The principal ferromagnesian rock-forming mineral is ferrohastingsite (from 4 to 15%) but aegirine is present in some rocks.

BEKBOTAYEV, A.T. 1968. Alkaline rocks of the Karasyrskii massif. Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, Geology Series, 2: 44-8.
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